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The First Blog Ought to be about Waffles – Waffle House | Pune Food Blog

It is a cosy little place and the ambience has its own uniqueness with good music and one of a kind waffles, this place will linger in my mind forever. Started a few years back in Gujarat, it has grown over and spread in many cities and now opened its first branch in Pune a few months back. The menu has enough breadth to pique the interest of everybody without feeling overwhelming. The menu was quite appealing and provided horde of options of wafflewich, wafflesticks, shots, smoothies and what not!! Their speciality lies in sugar-free waffles. Everything comes out of a tiny kitchen, manned not by the brigade of young and chirpy people.

Waffle House | Pune Food Blog


Must haves be Blueberry Dream: A fruit milkshake with fresh blueberries crushed with whipped cream and was exotic in taste. Its richness is set off cleverly against the crunch and the freshness of blueberries.
Waffle House | Pune Food Blog Waffle House | Pune Food Blog

Wafflewiches: Belgian Choco Overload with vanilla Ice cream. As the name suggests, it had dripping chocolate fillings. The oozing Belgian Chocolate waffle topped with Vanilla ice cream lead to the perfect amalgamation of tastes

Waffle House | Pune Food Blog

Tiramisu Mascarpone Cheese waffle-stick: Topped with sprinklers, made from mascarpone cheese which isn’t much sweet so it even suits people who don’t prefer too much sweetness

Waffle House | Pune Food Blog

Mini pancakes: Blueberry Mascarpone cheese pancake: They were so pretty and cute it’s almost a shame to destroy its layering. Perfect crispiness and are so small that it can be gulped in one bite. Quantity if increased will be better

Waffle House | Pune Food Blog


Hazelnut Coffee: It was like just another coffee. Hazelnut proportion needs to be increased.
Waffle House | Pune Food Blog
Paan Shots: Paan flavour actually came out loud and clear. The viscosity and the taste were just about perfect.

Waffle House | Pune Food Blog

Jamun Shots: It was not up to the mark. Needed some improvements like it can be made thick and jamun flavour can be added more aptly.

Warning: You could never recover from the awesome taste of these waffles




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