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Arbour Pune: A sheltered place in a garden formed by trees and bushes that are grown to partly surround it.

Perfect description of the serene, calm place located admist busy streets of Kalyani Nagar
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I was invited for a breakfast tasting at Arbour Pune, and here is my experience

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Details of Arbour Pune

Arbour Pune : Perfect brekkie in lanes of Kalyani Nagar,Pune

Arbour Pune: A sheltered place in a garden formed by trees and bushes that are grown to partly surround it. Located in Kalyani nagar, this place is perfect.

Address: Survey 209/1/2/3, CTS 2109/21, Nandanvan Apartments,, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, 411006, India

Geo Coordinates: 18.5475°, N,

Phone Number: +91 85300 23773

Price Range: $$

Days: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

Opening Time: 08:00 AM

Closing Time: 11:30 PM

Serves Cuisine: European, Salad, Bar Food, Finger Food, Beverages, Tea, Coffee

Menu URL: https://www.zomato.com/pune/arbour-kitchen-drinks-kalyani-nagar/menu


The ambience at Arbour Pune: By now you know that this place is built around lots of trees. The trees could have been easily shifted to another location if not chopped by the management but instead, the management decided to embrace the natural setup and build around it without disturbing Mother Nature.

Arbour Pune Ambience

The food at Arbour Pune

New Yorks Bacon and Cheese Bagel
3 words bacon, eggs and cheese; what else do you need to start your day. A wholesome dish which spiked up my expectation a lot for upcoming dishes. Originating in Poland, Bagel found its way to the heart of Americans pretty quickly. Now that I already have had the chance to enjoy a good fulfilling bagel I was a happy camper for the day. The most important thing about a good Bagel is the texture and I must say this was on point. Topped with some sesame seeds, a sunny side egg, sauteed spinach and of course bacon.

Arbour Pune

Irish Corned Beef Benedict:
Juicy, succulent chunks of buff dipped in rich hollandaise sauce was by far the star of the day. The chunks were so well cooked that we could feel the fibrous texture of buff and the juices oozing out of it as we dug our teeth in it. The salad on the side was a refreshing and complemented the dish pretty well.

Arbour Pune 1

Full English Breakfast:
I am a sucker for English breakfast. ( Side note: If you have to impress me, make me a good English breakfast along with a nice French pressed coffee and you’re all set ) A typical English Breakfast on the plate filled with eggs, grilled chicken sausage, slow roast tomato, beans, mushrooms, bacon strips and toast. Apart from the tomatoes, everything shined through. Tomatoes were a little squishy and withing a lickety-split I put them out of my dish.

Arbour Pune 2

Green Glory Omelette:
If you are into healthy breakfast which is low on carbs and high on protien and fibre, this is for you. With all the green veggies you can imagine in a single dish I took a bite and moved away from it. Don’t get me wrong it was good but I am not a green-thing guy.

Arbour Pune 3

Spiced Salami and Oyster mushrooms, Eggs Benedict:
A thick version of hollandaise sauce poured over salami and mushrooms on flatbread. Served with a hash and salad on the side this was not up to the mark, as compared to other dishes.

Turkish Eggs:
A Turkish flatbread was topped with soft poached eggs, hung curd, chilli oil and aubergines. I would skip this one as I enjoyed the other dishes more than this one.

Meat Lover’s Skillet:
Grilled buff, bacon, bbq chicken, potato with wilted spinach, olives and roasted mushrooms. I liked most of the elements on this plate apart from the fresh mozzarella.

Arbour Pune 4

Caramel French Toast:
There has to be a dessert to end the hefty meal. We ended it with a sweet and spicy Caramel French Toast.

Arbour Pune 5

Overall an excellent option for brekkie in Kalyani Nagar. I would urge you to give it a try and start your morning with perfection

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I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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