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Skol Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is meant to be a time to relax, eat, drink and generally be merry with your family or friends. Free-flowing beer and wine, comfortable seating, preferably open-to-air area, nice music and some delicious grub – now that’s a Skol Sunday Brunch for you!

Newly opened Skol, has recently launched their own version of the Sunday Brunch. I got a chance to enjoy my last Sunday at this place and here is my take on the Skol Sunday Brunch

Lets talk about the seating first. They have indoor as well as outdoor seating as is the norm these days. I particularly love their outdoor setup – tables and chairs arranged beside the trees, comfortable seating and ample distance between the tables makes it my pick. Smoking zone is also outside but it is separate from the main seating area. which depicts that a lot of thought has been put to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Packages 💰

  • They have three packages which can fit everyone’s budget and requirements.
    • Unlimited Food – ₹ 799/- ++
    • Unlimited Food + Beer / Sangria ₹ 999/- ++
    • Unlimited Food + IMFL / Cocktails ₹ 1299/- ++

In my opinion the prices are at par with the other brunches around town and Skol has few tricks up its sleeve to make it a better choice over the other available options

Drinks 🍹

We started with few cocktails and Sangria. A lovely blend of wine and fruit syrups and topped with freshly cut fruits defined the sangria while the Electric LIIT is sure to send you up there, if you ain’t high enough already!!

Food 🍜

We started our brunch with Chip and Dip – A perfect companion to the sangria. Nachos with salsa and hummus played well with the drinks and stimulated the appetite. It the perfect balance of creamy texture from the hummus, tartness from the tomatoes and crispy from the nachos. Although I would recommend to avoid the baba ghanoush.

Chili basil fish fingers – another hit. Loved the texture and and the delectable flavor of basil.

Jhol wings was another crowd favorite. Made with bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) this dish got the fire started. My pallet was cleansed and enraged at the same time. Although I knew that this spice level is not for me, I couldn’t stop pick up the next piece.

We also tried Burmese Khow Suey. Satiating well rounded dish. The noodles were long and soft while the contrasting condiments provided the texture and character to the dish. Lamb lasagna is another filling dish which complements the sangria and cocktails well.

Skol - Sunday Brunch you should not miss in 2021 3

The Live Counters 🥓

What adds the ‘X’ factor to the brunch is the live counter setup with variety of dishes on offer. Piri Piri Bhutta, Chicken Thecha Skewers and BBQ Vegan Sausages are some of the dishes which made it to out table and I cannot complain about anything here

Desserts 🍮

Something which ranks very high on my list when I judge any restaurant is desserts. At Skol Sunday Brunch this was definitely the hero of the show. Baileys kharwas was the first we tried. Baileys infused kharwas which held its texture on the plate and had that gooey, melt in mouth feel was astounding.

Skol Sunday Brunch - Desserts
Baileys Kharwas

Rating ⭐


Closing remarks

Many places around town are coming up with Sunday brunches and I think every other place is getting one or the other element right. But at Skol the Sunday Brunch is not just a fluke meant to lure in the young crowd. Its meticulously crafted delight meant for all age groups. Live music 🎵 by Joy Dham was a treat. Lovely voice of Shashank with curated mix of old and new Bollywood songs sets the mood for a long and enjoyable experience. The cherry on top is that its pet friendly 🐕

Humans with a Puppy at Skol kithen and bar
Aditya (Pune Food Blog) and Sonal (Pune Treasures) with the cutest and smartest pupper in town Dwight.


I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event for Skol Sunday Brunch. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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Skol Sunday Brunch
Skol Sunday Brunch

Skol – Sunday Brunch you should not miss in 2021

PaniPuri - Indian street food

Indian food has been all favorite for people all around the world. If you have ever tasted Indian Food we are confident that you will never forget the experience. With the richness of spices and a complex but delicious flavor profile, it is amongst the most loved cuisines.

We have compiled a list of best Indian dishes you must try before you die, and in our list we have managed to include all the popular Indian Dishes, but if you think that we have missed something then please feel free to comment down below.

15 Indian dishes You Must Try Before you die!

Indian Cuisines has always been the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness which makes it unique and irresistible from other cuisines in the world. Being a foodie it’s a real challenge to bring for you the top 15 list of best Indian foods as every Indian food is our all-time favorite.

Here we bring you the list of most popular and most lovable Indian dishes which you should try once in your life.

1. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular Indian Street Food dish which has its Origin from the Indian state Maharashtra. In Pav Bhaji, Pav is generally referred to as the bread and the bhaji is the combination of various vegetables tossed in the flavorful sauce. These vegetables includes potatoes green peas, Onions, chilies , tomatoes etc.

pav bhaji

This Maharastrian breakfast Indian dish comes with lots of calories and more the involvement of butter means more the delicious is the Pav bhaji.

The Tangy and spicy flavor of this dish makes it popular not only in India but also all around the world.

Origin:  Maharashtra

2. Chole Bhature

Chole Bature is a North Indian regional dish that mixes Chana masala (white pea spice) and Roti Bhatura/Puri made from Maida flour. Known as a typical Punjabi dish, there are many claims about its origin. Some sources claim he was originally from Delhi, while others claim that eastern Uttar Pradesh is his birthplace. It is also popular as a snack in Pakistan.

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!! 4

Chole Bhature is widely eaten as a breakfast dish, it is also practiced eating with the Lassi which enhances the taste buds. This popular Indian street food is accompanied  by onions, cask carrots, green chutney or sometimes even with achaar.

Origin: Delhi

3. Samosa

Samosa is one of the most popular South Asian Snack which is a go to morning or evening snacks in most of the Indians family. This Samosa is made up with Maida stuffed with the mixture of potatoes, peas and different other vegetables mixed in it.

It totally depends on which region of India you are as the taste of this favorite Indian snack changes from place to place even the stuffing’s also gets changed according to the people taste.

Samosa Recipe Step By Step Instructions

For those unfamiliar with the Indian food palette, this dish is probably the most popular Indian food in the world. Deep fried stuffed with garlic, onions, potatoes and pearls. Today we have corn and cheese samosa, raw banana samosa, baby samosa, onion samosa and much more.

 Origin:  South Asia

4. Pani Puri

Pani Puri / Puchka / Golgapa / Gupchup one Indian Dish with several names but always taste so delicious that  you will love to eat this any day at any time of the day. Most Popular street foods of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi this Indian street food has huge international fanbase.

PaniPuri - Indian street food

A plate of Indian street food would not be complete without this meal. Small fried water balls stuffed with green pepper powder, mashed potatoes and fine onions in water. This is a must try Indian food which you should try before you die!

Origin: India

5. Jalebi

Jalebi is a Indian Sweet dish also known as Jilapi, zulbia, mushabak and zalabia in different parts of India and all over the world. It is also a popular sweet snack in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. It is obtained by cooking flour into a container or round shape and dipping it in sugar syrup. This dessert can be hot or cold.

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!! 5

Like Rasgulla & Gulab jamun, Jalebi is one of India’s most famous sweets and is a spiral in shape that takes time and practice. This crunchy dessert is savory and dipped in sugar syrup.

Origin: South Asia

6. Pyaaj Ki Kachori

This food comes from Jodhpur and is served in many fast food or chat stores in India. Mix tamarind chutney with red hot chilies stuffed with onions, lentils and spices.

Pyaaz Kachori Recipe

Snack recipes are very popular across India and can be prepared from a variety of ingredients. Each region has its own specialties served for breakfast or dinner. Originally from Rajasthan, Pyaaj Ki Kachori is known for its street food along with other conversational dishes.

Origin: Rajasthan

7. Dhokla

Dhokla is a delicious Indian dish made up of Bengal flour to give it a soft texture. Proud of its hometown Gujarat, this dish has become one of America’s most popular dishes. Low-calorie, healthy, protein-rich treat. It is cooked with little or no oil and takes time to prepare.

45 degree angle shot of khaman dhokla squares on a white plate garnished with cilantro, curry leaves and the fried curry leaves and spices mixture

You don’t have to visit Gujarat to eat it; it’s so popular that it is available in all parts of India. Although its as good as it gets only in Gujrat.

Origin: Gujarat

8. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabad Biryani, also known as Hyderabad Dum Biryani, is Hyderabad’s type of Indian biryani. Made from basmati rice and goat meat and cooked by the Dum Pukht method. Derived all from the Old Hyderabad kitchen system, it combines elements of the Hyderabad and Mughlai kitchens.

Overhead shot of chicken biryani served on copper plate with yogurt raita on the side.

This delicacy is among the best rice preparation in world .The taste of spices and flavors of herbs are so prominent that you will surely be fan of this biryani.

Origin: Hyderabad

9. Dosa

Dosa is one of the most popular south Indian food you will ever lay your hands on. This Indian dish is Crispy, delicious pancakes made up of the with various ingredients and served with Coconut chutney and sambhar.

2 Instant dosa in a white plate, chutney, podi and potato masala on the side

Dosa is made from soaked and filtered rice, fenugreek seeds, and black Dal, also known as Kali Dali. In a food processor, mix the mixture with water to make a fine fermented paste. Fermentation adds some acidity to the dough. Spread in a pan and fry until crispy and tasty, like pancakes. This Indian Dish is usually eaten with dipping in the curries with the flavorful  coconut  chutney.

Origin: South India

10. Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll is a rich version of Indian bread made by baking a flat bread called paratha and roll it up with eggs, meat, vegetables and shrimp. Spices such as pepper, tomato and chili sauce are also sprinkled inside, depending on the eater’s choice.

chana kathi rolls wrapped in parchment paper on plate topped with red onion and cilantro

All the way from the city of Joy the kathi roll have originated from Kolkata, West Bengal. After it’s invention this Indian Dish has gone through many modifications from place to place. For eating the authentic Kathi rolls you must visit Kolkata.

Origin: West Bengal.

11. Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a delicious fried chicken dish prepared as a main course or simple breakfast at Buhari Hotel in Chennai, India. The taste of food may be due to peppers, but the exact set of ingredients in the recipe may vary.

Indian Chicken 65

Do you like Chinese street dishes? If so, you will definitely appreciate the Chicken 65 Hood, originally from Chennai.

Origin: Chennai.

12. Thukpa

Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup originally from Eastern Tibet. Amdo Thukpa is a popular amongst Tibetans and Nepalese. It is also consumed in Sikkim, Darjeeling and neighboring states in the Ladakh region of India.

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!! 6

Those familiar with Tibetan cuisine may already know Momo, but lovers of Tibetan cuisine should try Sikkim’s traditional Tibetan dish, Thukpa. Thukpa (egg noodle soup) is a noodle soup with vegetables and meat.

Origin: Tibet

13. Rista

Delicious meat balls dumplings specially cooked with peppers and other spices. In this dish, meat is minced on a large wooden board by hand using a hammer. The scent of fennel seeds is unique compared to other similar red plants. You can try this delicious dish made from butter and cumin. of course!

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!! 7

This Rista Is among the best recipes from Andhra Pradesh. It is Perfect For those who loves to eat spicy non vegetarian food.

Origin: Andhra Pradesh

 14. Kozhi Kari

Kozhi Kari is one of the most loved non-veg Food all the way from Kerala. A hot dish of chicken mixed with fresh and dried bell peppers. The variety of spices used in this food has made it a contender on our chart.

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!! 8

This hot and spicy Indian delicacy is a must try, if you are bored eating the simple chicken recipes with the same flavors. This Indian dish can easily be prepared at home, but to get the authentic flavor profile you must visit Kerala and devour this.

Origin: Kerala.

15. Butter Chicken

Last but not the least the most loved Indian Food Internationally is this super delicious butter chicken which will surely pleasure your taste buds and to compliment it you can have Laccha parathas or Butter naan (Indian bread).

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!! 9

Butter Chicken is a type of chicken recipes that works with ketchup, butter and cream. Its origin is Delhi, India and is loved by people all over the globe. This dish is was formerly named as Murgh Makahani but later it changes to Butter Chicken.

Origin: Delhi


India cuisines will always amaze you. Just take a look at the mountains from the north or the sun of the south coast, you will discover that culture changes every 100 miles. From the Samosa to finger licking Biryani, India has something for everyone.

We are sure that you all loved our list of best Indian dishes which you should have before you die, it will be good to know if you can suggest some of the dishes that can enhance this list in the comment section.


This blog about calcium rich recipes is a narrative of my thoughts. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

PaniPuri - Indian street food
PaniPuri - Indian street food

15 Indian Dishes You Must Eat Before You Die!!

Women with child in supermarket


We hear the word nutrition often, so often that an entire month is dedicated to it. And while we have a rough idea of what is considered nutritious, we barely understand the nutrition labels on our food items.   

If they seem too technical, don’t be intimidated. We’re here to make things easier for you.   


How To Understand Your Food’s Nutrition Labels: 6 Details To Check   


A few items on the label matter for people who count calories, but those are not the only things we should concern ourselves with. Before we start dissecting the label, let’s define what nutrition is.   


Nutrition – is the study of nutrients in the food we consume and how our body uses them in light of health, diet, and disease. Too much or too little of a nutrient is not good, and nutritionists see this at a molecular, biological, and even genetic level to understand how much we really need in a day. Simply put, it is essential to understand food and the nutrients they provide to our bodies.   


And this is where labels come in.   


Understand The Serving Information First  


If you’ve ever had a look at nutrition facts labels, you should notice some sections are strategically placed in larger fonts, so they draw more attention.   


The serving size is not necessarily the size of the food you have in your hand. So before you rush in and calculate those calories, take a look at the serving size and double-check your food item’s actual size. These labels usually mention the amount of serving sizes of the food you just bought for convenience. This figure is crucial for computing the nutrients per serving, which is why you should take note of it.   


Check Amount Per Serving Calories  


If you’re calorie counting, this amount is crucial and should not be misread. Don’t mislead yourself by forgetting the serving size.   


Formula: number of calories x number of servings = total calories consumed   


Nutrients: What To Get Less Of  


Just below calories is a list of nutrients per serving. Before you overwhelm yourself with numbers and nutrients that may be unfamiliar to you, here are some to get less of:   


  • Saturated fat – This is not as harmful as trans-fat, but overconsumption causes a build-up of cholesterol in your arteries. High amounts of LDL cholesterol also increase the risks of stroke and heart disease.   


  • Sodium – Sodium holds excess fluid in your body, which is burdensome on the heart. Consuming too much Sodium increases the risks of various health problems like stomach cancer, hypertension, and kidney failure.   


  • Added sugars – Too much sugar is bad for you, whether it’s natural or added. They cause cavities and increase your risk of heart disease.   


Nutrients: What To Get More Of  


Now that you have an idea of the nutrients to limit, here are some nutrients you should welcome:  


  • Dietary fiber – Dietary fiber helps with constipation and solidifies watery stool, keeping your bowels healthy.   


  • Calcium – This is crucial for bone health since it helps keep bones strong and hard. As we age, we need more calcium to help support our bones.   


  • Iron – This mineral is vital for your body’s growth and development. It is an essential nutrient for the blood to create hemoglobin, carrying oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.  


  • Vitamin D – This nutrient keeps your teeth, muscles, and bones healthy by regulating phosphate and calcium in your body. Insufficient vitamin D causes deformities and bone pain in children.  


  • Potassium – One of the benefits of Potassium is to offset the harmful effects of Sodium on your body. Potassium also helps with nerve and muscle function while regulating your heartbeat.   


 Look At The Percent Daily Value: %DV  


This amount in the label indicates each nutrient per serving contributes to a total daily diet. Simply put, it helps you check if your serving of food is high in nutrients or low in a nutrient.   


As a general guide, if the amount is less than 5%, it is considered low. If it is above 20%, it is deemed to be high.   


If you see low numbers of nutrients that you should be focusing on, like vitamin D or Potassium, you may need to compensate from other sources.  



 Want to know more about yoga, health, and wellness? Our friends from Lotus Kitty would be happy to help. Go to www.lotuskitty.com.   


Compute Your Daily Nutrient Intake   


Now that you have some figures in your hand, let’s try to compute:  


  • Serving – 1 cup  

  • Potassium – 510mg = 10%  

  • Sodium – 850mg = 37%  


In these figures, you have Potassium, which you need more of, and Sodium which you need less of. There is an obvious disparity between the two, but let’s compute first.   


In 1 cup of serving, you get only 10% of Potassium and 37% of Sodium. This means you still need 90% of Potassium to meet your daily requirement and 63% more Sodium.  


Here’s where it gets a little tricky: You can’t consume nine more cups to achieve 100% Potassium, or else you’ll be consuming over 300% of Sodium, which is way beyond the required daily diet. You can source Potassium elsewhere instead or choose food items with lesser Sodium.   




Nutrition facts in food labels are more valuable than you think. It goes beyond calorie counting and the mere glance of fats per serving. These labels make computing your intake nutrients easier and convenient. And now that you have these tips handy, you’ll never see nutrition labels the same way again.   


Women with child in supermarket
Women with child in supermarket

An Easy Guide To Understanding Your Food’s Nutrition Labels

Calcium Rich Recipe

Before we hop into the most delicious part of the content, let’s first understand why calcium rich recipes that we are going to share are so important. Why is calcium so essential? 

Calcium is crucial for overall health. Almost every cell in our body uses it in some way. Our nervous system, muscles, heart, as well as bones, cannot function properly without it. Calcium also helps to absorb vitamin C and other vital nutrients more efficiently. Thus, calcium boost our immune system as well. 

However, as we age, we tend to absorb less and less calcium from our diet, causing our bodies to borrow more and more calcium from our bones. Over time our ageing process leads to issues like osteoporosis

Nutritionists suggest to include calcium-rich food in our daily diet. Some of the easily accessible calcium-rich foods are milk, cheese and other dairy products. 

But if you cannot consume these dairy products directly, here are some creative ways of adding them in your daily diet in the form of tasty yet healthy recipes. 

Calcium Rich Recipes - Banana yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Banana Bites – Easiest Calcium Rich Recipe

It is one of the favorite family treats that brings everyone to the table. It is less in sugar but rich in calcium and protein. You can choose any kind and flavor of yogurt that you love to make this super awesome snack. This is probably the easiest calcium rich recipes out there. Let’s find out how you can make it:


  • Bunch ripe banana peeled and sliced in chunks
  • 2 cups Greek Yogurt (any flavor)


  • Place parchment paper on a cutting board.
  • Dry off the banana cubes. 
  • Carefully dip the bananas in the yogurt. Use a fork to roll it in and then gently lift the banana chunks out of the yogurt. Put it onto a pan.
  • Repeat until all the chunks are dipped.
  • Allow it to freeze for at least an hour or overnight. 

This healthy treat is ready to savour! 

Poha Phirni - Calcium Rich Recipe

Poha Phirni – Quick Calcium Rich Recipes

Poha Phirni a popular North Indian dessert. It is an easy and healthy twist to the traditional Phirni. This dessert is a perfect choice to celebrate any special occasion. It is loaded with calcium, protein, as well as iron and is an excellent choice for women and growing kids. Let’s follow the mouth-watering recipe below:


  • 3/4 flatten rich or poha
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cornflour dissolved in 2 teaspoon milk
  • 1 cup finely chopped mixed dry fruits


  • Dry roast the poha in a non-stick pan for about 1 to 2 minutes until it is crisp.
  • Switch off the flame and blend the roasted poha to a coarse powder and keep it aside.
  • In a deep pan, add milk and sugar together. Cook it in a low flame, continuously stirring. 
  • Add the coarsely ground poha and mix well. Cook on a low flame for 3 to 4 minutes by stirring continuously. 
  • Add the cornflour-milk mixture and keep cooking on the medium flame for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Once done, switch off the flame and pour the dish on a bowl. Refrigerate for about 1 hour.
  • In another bowl mix all the dry fruits.
  • Remove the Phirni from the refrigerator. 
  • Add the dry fruits in the serving bowl and then pour the Phirni over it. 

You can garnish it with the favorite topping of your choice AND ENJOY!

Hot Chocolate

Holiday Hot Chocolate- The Tastiest of the bunch

You don’t have to wait for winter to enjoy this absolute cup of delight. The goodness of rich and creamy homemade hot chocolate is sure to be an all-time favorite. Let’s hop straight into the recipe below:


  • 4 cups of milk
  • 200 gm milk chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoon unsweetened coach powder
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Whipped cream for serving


  • To make this hot cup of happiness, combine all the ingredients in a saucepan, and allow it to come to a gentle simmer.
  • Stir well to melt the chocolate and dissolve the sugar.
  • Pour it in a cup and serve topped with whipped cream. 

Savour every sip with your favourite cookie!

Greek Yogurt Pan Cake

Greek Yogurt Pancakes – The Recipe you must try

The fluffy goodness of greek yogurt pancakes is just a heavenly treat. They are super easy to prepare and are the perfect nutritious breakfast recipe that your whole family will love. Let’s see how you can make it at home.


  • 1 cup oat flour
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 to 2 tablespoon milk
  • 2 eggs lightly beaten
  • Butter for greasing


  • In a large bowl mix eggs, vanilla, and Greek yogurt whisk until the mixture is smooth.
  • Add oats flour, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon in a small bowl and combine. 
  • Mix the dry and wet ingredients well. If you think the batter is too thick, then add a few tablespoons of milk until it reaches the right consistency. 
  • Heat a non-stick pan and pour 1/4 cup portions of pancake batter onto it. 
  • Cook in the medium flame until the bubbles start forming and flip the sides.
  • Flip and cook for 2 to 4 minutes until golden brown on both sides and it’s done.
Homemade Oatmeal Bowl with Milk fresh Mango slices

Milk Mango Coconut Overnight Oats – The Delightful Addition

Overnight milk mango coconut oats are the perfect meal to kick start your day with. It is a super easy recipe and can be conveniently made in a jar for breakfast on the go. People generally avoid making old fashioned oatmeal as it requires stovetop cooking and continuous stirring. But with overnight oatmeal, we don’t have to worry about that at all. Let’s quickly find out its recipe.


  • 1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats 
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 tablespoon maple syrup 
  • 1/4 cup chopped mangoes 
  • Pinch of salt


  • Add rolled oats, milk of your choice, nutmeg, maple syrup mangoes, and salt to a mason jar.
  • Seal the jar and shake it for 15 seconds and then refrigerate overnight. 
  • Eat cold in the morning, or you can either microwave for 1 to 2 minutes until oats are cooked through. 
  • Top it with more mangoes, unsweetened coconut flakes, or any favorite toppings of your choice. 


Hope you like the calcium rich recipes as much as we enjoyed putting this article together

Bonus – Fun facts about Calcium and Calcium Rich Recipes

Discovering 5 Easy Calcium Rich Recipes You Must Try For Overall Bone Health 10
Calcium Infographic

Note: You can now buy milk  online  at the comfort of your home and stay safe and healthy


This blog about calcium rich recipes is a narrative of my thoughts. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

Calcium Rich Recipe
Calcium Rich Recipe

Discovering 5 Easy Calcium Rich Recipes You Must Try For Overall Bone Health

Calcium Rich Food - Milk

Calcium rich food is a key part of our diet that many of us overlook.

If I were a metal I would be calcium. Seemed shocking? Why not iron? Because  Most wouldn’t know me and also anyone’s body wouldn’t be constructed without me.

So you now know that calcium is so important part of our physique. Also, this very metal is very much important for one’s health. So if we take a glance at our body and think of metal in our carcass so we find that calcium is found in more amount than any other metal or mineral. It makes up our teeth, bones, and play a role in heart constitution, muscle functioning, and nerve signaling pathway.

So calcium is an alkaline earth metal if the count is in our atmosphere. But in our body, it is a mineral resource.

Now let’s talk about the RDI and this stands for a Recommended Dietary/ Daily Index. This index suggests or recommends the amount of particular mineral or vitamin is required by a person on a daily basis. This may differ from the age group to the gender as the body type of particular person differs according to age and gender as well.

It is seen that a large percentage of the population cannot meet the requirements of the calcium intake in their body.

The recommended daily index (RDI) of calcium in Children 9–11 years is 1000mg, Adolescents 12–18 years (including pregnant and breastfeeding young women) require 1300mg per day. And in men, it requires 1000mg whereas 1300mg is required by women aged 50yrs and above.

If this much amount of calcium is not taken than the body will start taking calcium from the bones instead of blood this will weaken our bones and make it brittle.

If we talk about food rich in calcium then milk and milk-based products would be our first preference. But we also have calcium-fortified products such as soy milk, rice milk, and cereals, and many more.

Let us describe the top 10 food rich in calcium.

MILK ????– Primary source of calcium

10 Calcium Rich Food you must have in your diet 11

Milk is the cheapest and has the purest form of calcium. Therefore it is often said to give milk to the infants so that their bones get strong and develop gradually. Cows milk and milk obtained by mothers have a great amount of calcium in them. Cows milk and goats milk is rich in calcium in comparison to Buffaloe’s milk. A cup of cows milk (235ml) has 276— 350 mg of calcium whereas goats milk provides 375 mg of calcium.

So one cup of milk provides 27–35% of RDI of this mineral.

YOGURT – A calcium rich food


 Yogurt is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. It is an excellent source of calcium.

A cup of plain yogurt (245g) contains so many minerals in it such as it contains 30% of RDI for calcium as well as phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin B2  and vitamin B12.

Low-fat yogurt has more amount of RDI for about 45% in one cup.

WHEY PROTEIN – Power-packed calcium source

Whey Protein
Whey Protein

Whey Protein is found in milk and it is a protein but it is exceptionally rich in calcium.

28 grams of a scoop of whey protein powder isolate contains 200 mg or 20% of the RDI.

This protein helps people to reduce weight as a bonus.

SEEDS –  Calcium rich food to look out for


Seeds are a small and nutritional powerhouse same as the mitochondria in our body.

Some seeds are high in calcium such as poppy, sesame, celery, and chia seeds.

Sesame seeds are also used in for making oil which is equally beneficial as the seeds.

1spoon of a sesame seed that is 9grams gives you 9% of RDI for calcium as well as other minerals such as iron, copper, and manganese.

A spoon of poppy seeds (9g) gives 127mg of calcium and 13% of RDI

CHEESE ????  –  A yummy calcium source

Cheese close up

 So cheese is basically a milk-based product made by coagulation of the milk protein casein. It has a wide range of flavors.

 Cheese is an excellent source of calcium.  There are varieties of it and parmesan cheese has the greatest amount of calcium in it with 331mg or 31% of RDI.

 Soft cheese has a lesser amount of calcium in it. This is a dairy product thus it has a higher amount of calcium than the plant products.

SARDINES & CANNED SALMON???? – For those who like fish

Salmon on a a black board

Sardines and canned salmon are basically kind of greasy fish that are rich in calcium because of their bones. These fish are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein.

If we talk about the calcium properties than a can or 92 grams of sardines pack 35% of the RDI and 85 grams of canned salmon contribute 21% of RDI.

ALMONDS – A travel-friendly calcium rich food

Almonds in a bowl

 When we think of nuts than it gives us an idea of fat in our body but this nut is an exception as it has good fat and protein in ut but it is rich in calcium as well.  In fact, in all of the nuts, it has the highest amount of calcium in it.

 One ounce or 22nuts provides 8% of RDI.

In addition, they are an excellent source of magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E.

Green leafy veggies ????–  A source which is most ignored

Green Vegetables
Green Vegetables

 From our childhood, we were told to eat green leafy vegetables but now I know that these are rich in calcium and thus it develops our bones.

 Also, they are rich in minerals.

 Leafy Greens such as collard green, kale, and spinach.

 A cup of cooked collard green has 266mg – one-fourth of the amount you need in a day.

 Spinach has less availability of calcium than kale and collard green but it has a good amount of calcium in it.

FORTIFIED FOODS – An artificial option for calcium rich food

Cereal with Yogurt
Cereal with Yogurt

So these foods are basically food enriched with minerals which they don’t have naturally.

So cereals or cornmeal are fortified food enriched with calcium in it.

Some cereals have 1000mg of calcium this means 100%of RDI per serving and that is before adding milk.

 This is a lot amount of calcium and this, if we take in our body, it could not be digested. So you just have to spread your meal throughout the day.

SOY MILK & TOFU– Less known sources of calcium


Soy milk or soybean milk has been extracted by soaking and grinding soybeans. This is highly rich in protein and calcium too.

And Tofu,  also known as bean curd is a food prepared by coagulating soy milk and then pressing it to form a white solid block.

Tofu is very rich in calcium it has 86% of RDI in just half a cup for about 126grams.

And soy milk has 25 mg of calcium in 100 grams of it.


  1. The major role of calcium is to strengthen our bones and our teeth.
  2. It also helps in enzymes functioning.
  3. Calcium reduces blood clotting.
  4. It regulates heart functions as it is present in our blood.
  5. After bones, muscles form our body so calcium helps in regulating muscle functions that are contraction and relaxation.


There are so many more products rich in calcium and we need to include these stuff in our diet because calcium plays a major role in our body. And this mineral is not found plenty of in our body.

So that is the list of calcium rich food that u need to combine and consume for proper calcium intake.


This blog about calcium rich food is a narrative of my thoughts. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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Calcium Rich Food - Milk
Calcium Rich Food - Milk

10 Calcium Rich Food you must have in your diet

Moonshine Meadery
A warm and cozy iconic place with a pint of mead and a hint of meat cooking aroma is heaven for me. When I got an invitation for the Christmas dinner at Mad House Grill, without a pinch of hesitation I said yes!!
Termed as the oldest alcohol known to mankind. Mead is fizzy, fermented honey. The crazy experiment lab set up by Nitin and Rohan near Pune, is known as Moonshine Meadery. The mix and match of flavor profiles and nuance of coming up with delectable mix are bound to make you praise the craft of making mead.
We were amongst the first ones to taste the Christmas special brews and they were as follows.
Mead Infographic

Apple Cider

 Did your eyes sparkle after reading the name? Mine too! I was very excited to whiff the aroma of cinnamon and tantalize my tongue by the flavors. To my surprise, the mead on the tap was overly cinnamony (if that’s even a word). The fizz and the temperature at which it was served made it impossible to taste the pie. Then Saneet, an intern at Moonshine meadery struck gold. He asked us to try the bottled version of the mead and hence we did. This was a pleasure to gulp down. The perfect hint of cinnamon and tinge of pie made this quickly crawl up the list of favorite meads.

Guava Chili

Another experimental mead. After trying guava chili ice creams and shakes this was a no brainer. I knew what to expect right away. Overpowering guava scent and zing of chili is what I had in my mind. Contrary to my expectation, the mead profile was pretty new to my palette. The base tones of the mead were refreshing and the fizz added an extra dimension to the already popular mix.


Best of the lot. The tartness of kokum and the hint of ginger was another hit for winter evenings. I ended up ordering this over and over again. The lasting sweetness on the back of the tongue and a hit of ginger was very soothing. Best paired with a spicy meat platter and you are in for an unforgettable meal.

PS: Ended it all with my all-time favorite coffee mead


The oldest steak house in Pune has much more than just steaks to offer. My vegetarian friends love this place as much as I do. The sheer variety of dishes and the way they are plated is bound to make you admire this place.


There are two seating options, Al-fresco seating for the groups and an AC seating for the couples or for a family setup. We opted to sit outside and enjoyed the free flowing meads and the excellent food.


We stared our food journey with some hummus and pita starter.
Hummus always reminds me of the movie “You don’t mess with the Zohan“. We were doing all the crazy things around the table like Zohan. Clicking pictures, rolling waves of laughter and devouring the tasty food made us happy.
Then we moved to the veg and non-veg platters. The variety consisted of croquettes, garlic bread, salads, couple different types of chicken wings and some buff stuff. I think we were in a food coma after eating so much.
The stand out dish for me was the wasabi steak. Before trying wasabi at Mad House Grill, I always hated hot and spicy food. Wasabi has been nothing but a disappointment for me all this long.
But the wasabi steak changed my opinion. Let me explain. I am pretty sure that Mad House Grill makes the best steak around town hands down. But wasabi was something I tried to avoid as much as possible.
But persuasion from Smruti and Saneet, and I tried it. It was like an explosion inside my mouth which I could feel along my nasal cavity too. Although I wished to stop eating it, I couldn’t. That is the type of food I would love to eat every time. The pungent taste of wasabi complemented the soft succulent steak to perfection. To give your tongue a relief it is served with potato mash. I had not experienced the burst of flavors at this intensity ever.
Ended the meal with a firm, wobbly caramel custard, and a dense, gooey brownie. Not over sweet but flavorful. Such a calming end to a tornado-like meal.


Pairing two of the iconic institutions together was a highly congenial delight. Both won my heart and definitely enchanted my taste buds.

Let us know how would you rate MAD House Grill?


I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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Moonshine Meadery
Moonshine Meadery

Mead and Meat, the best combination there can be

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Want to know which is the best veg restaurant in Pune? Read along.

Creaticity Mall hosts a lot of excellent restaurants, bars and pubs in Pune. Now it is home to one of the best vegetarian all-day diner in town.

Nine Square - Best Veg Restaurant in Pune 12

 I was invited for a tasting at Nine Square and here is my experience

Details about Nine Square:

Nine Square - Creaticity Mall

What if I tell you, that there is a place located inside creaticity mall which is loved by the most hardcore non-vegetarian bloggers around town happens to be a vegetarian all-day diner? Intrigued, read along.

Address: Unit 5, Pubtown, Creaticity Mall, Yerawada, Pune, 411006, India

Price Range: $$$

Days: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

Opening Time: 12:00 PM

Closing Time: 12:00 AM

Serves Cuisine: Continental, North Indian, Italian, Asian

Nine Square is one of the best veg restaurant in Pune

There I said it. In my opinion, this is the best place to enjoy delectable veg food in Pune. Let me explain by giving you the advantages of this place:

  1. You don’t have to think about traffic
  2. Parking your vehicle is a breeze
  3. Finding the place is fairly easy
  4. Has an alfresco seating so that you enjoy the evening breeze
  5. If you visit for lunch and do not prefer open-air seating, It has an AC indoor setup
  6. The service is top-notch
  7. Happy Hours and offers all year round
  8. The ambience is uber-cool and relaxed

The main reason I termed Nine Square the best veg restaurant in Pune – The Food

We started our journey on a low note. I ordered:

Orange Kafir Lime Mocktail: For me, the Kafir lime brutally overpowered the orange. The zest and the tang of the orange were killed by the brawny flavour of Kafir Lime. I am not a huge fan of it, but for someone who likes the relish of Kafir Lime would enjoy it.

Orange Kafir Lime at Best Veg Restaurant in Pune
Orange Kafir Lime

Roasted Tomato Soup: During the wintry evenings this would be the best pick. With a warm, homely feeling this became the main attraction on the table pretty quickly. Mild yet complex flavours giving it a sweet and sour texture was a win for me. I would have liked the consistency to be a little thick but I am nitpicking here.

Detox bowl: Recently I have developed a huge liking for a good bowl of salad. This fits the criteria very well. For me, a salad should not be just a mixture of green things tossed together. It should have character; a flavour which is complex enough to be appreciated. The combo of Kale, Sprouts, Green apple, Pomegranate, Beetroot and microgreens were wrapped in a sweet dressing of honey. I was delighted to see the balance between the crunchy texture of kale and the smooth bite of the sprouts. The honey after taste was a cherry on the top.

Detox Bowl at Nine Square
Detox Bowl

Tortilla Salad: I think this was served alongside the detox bowl and it compliments the former very well. The crispy strips of tortilla with a crunch of onions and the bite of the corn was lip-smacking. Green beans added another dimension of flavour to the entire mix.

Tortilla Salad and Detox Bowl
Tortilla Salad and Detox Bowl

After devouring the salad bowls we moved towards the chaat menu

Pudina Paani Poori: The first dish to come on the table was Pudina Paani Poori. Pooris were plated on glassware which had dry ice at the base. I thought it was just a gimmick. It does not add anything to the dish in terms of flavour or texture but pleases the eye. (Then again, who am I to judge, I burst soap bubbles whenever I get the chance 🙂 ). The pooris were made with corn flour which kept then nice and crisp while we poured the sweet and spicy concoction in it.

Pudina Paani Poori at Best Veg Restaurant in Pune
Pudina Paani Poori

Chaat Cornetto: A super crispy cone-shaped tostada stuffed with a handsome mix of onions, tomato and fried potato chaat. It was topped with sour cream, shredded beetroot & carrot. I was sceptical about the novelty and the play of flavours together. I was proven wrong at the very first bite. Chaat will never disappoint an Indian palette.

Indian Cornetto
Chaat Cornetto

Dabeli Croquettes: A fusion dish with Dabeli masala rolled in breadcrumbs and decorated with sev was something that every age group will enjoy. It takes a lot of patience and retries to perfect this kind of dish and I am pretty sure that the team at Nine Square nailed this preparation after a lot of efforts.

Smoked Chilly Cottage Cheese: Huge and soft chunks of cottage cheese marinated well and topped with peanuts, shredded beet and coriander is a well-disguised version of paneer tikka. Although I would have liked to see the garnish to be something different after seeing shredded beet and carrot on many of the dishes. I would let it pass for the sheer pleasure of digging my teeth into the chunks and getting that original Indian masala to salivate my taste buds.

Smokey Chilly Cottage Cheese
Smokey Chilly Cottage Cheese

After eating such a huge spread there was little space left for the mains but here are a few dishes I would like to mention:

Tandoor ka bhuna Kadai Paneer: The taste of kadai paneer is totally dependent on the freshly pounded spices and the freshness of the cottage cheese. Both of them were on point. The Indian spices shined through and pair it with a Chur Chur Naan and you are in for a delightful, tummy full meal.

Dal Makhani: My North Indian friends who crib that Pune does not serve the Dal Makhani you get in the lands of Delhi or Punjab, must try this. The buttery aroma was very inviting and the perfectly cooked lentils made my meal complete. Devour it with burnt garlic naan or Awadhi Pulao and satiate your cravings for authentic Punjabi dal makhani for sure.

Best Veg Restaurant in Pune
Mains at Nine Sqaure

We were so full after this that there was no point in ordering anything else, but how can we forget the desserts

Falooda Kulfi: I am a huge fan of Indian desserts. Falooda lands somewhere on the top of my list. After trying one of the best Falooda in town at Kalinga Veg this one was a pleasant delight. Not very sweet as the kulfi is prepared in house. Garnished with pistachios and basil seeds this one is a charmer.

Falooda Kulfi
Falooda Kulfi

Mal Pua: Another Indian dessert for the sweet tooth in you. Much sweeter than the Falooda. Small pancake sized mal pua overloaded with cream and nuts is a decent option. Kudos to the plating again.

Mal Pua at Nine Square
Mal Pua at Nine Square

Belgian Chocolate Cake: If you do not like your desserts to be very sweet, this one is for you. topped with choco chip this cake was the show stopper. The ganache was sublime and the base was moist and had a complex chocolate flavour.

Best Veg Restaurant in Pune
Belgian chocolate cake

Overall I loved the fact that there are places like Nine square that exists. Not only it helped me realize that vegetarian food can be as tasty as meat but also made me appreciate the efforts and thoughts that are put into each and every dish that comes out of the kitchen of Nine Square.

Let me warn you about the portion size of the dessert serving here. It is more than enough to order a single dessert for 3-4 of you.

The high tea menu deserves a special mention. The coffee is prepared from a special roast of Blue Tokai coffee beans specially crafted for Nine Square. The savoury items are a good gateway to the beguiling food served.

Let us know how would you rate Nine Square?

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I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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Posts 20

Nine Square – Best Veg Restaurant in Pune

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Arbour Pune: A sheltered place in a garden formed by trees and bushes that are grown to partly surround it.

Perfect description of the serene, calm place located admist busy streets of Kalyani Nagar
Arbour Pune Location Map

I was invited for a breakfast tasting at Arbour Pune, and here is my experience


Details of Arbour Pune

Arbour Pune : Perfect brekkie in lanes of Kalyani Nagar,Pune

Arbour Pune: A sheltered place in a garden formed by trees and bushes that are grown to partly surround it. Located in Kalyani nagar, this place is perfect.

Address: Survey 209/1/2/3, CTS 2109/21, Nandanvan Apartments,, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, 411006, India

Geo Coordinates: 18.5475°, N,

Phone Number: +91 85300 23773

Price Range: $$

Days: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

Opening Time: 08:00 AM

Closing Time: 11:30 PM

Serves Cuisine: European, Salad, Bar Food, Finger Food, Beverages, Tea, Coffee

Menu URL: https://www.zomato.com/pune/arbour-kitchen-drinks-kalyani-nagar/menu


The ambience at Arbour Pune: By now you know that this place is built around lots of trees. The trees could have been easily shifted to another location if not chopped by the management but instead, the management decided to embrace the natural setup and build around it without disturbing Mother Nature.

Arbour Pune Ambience

The food at Arbour Pune

New Yorks Bacon and Cheese Bagel
3 words bacon, eggs and cheese; what else do you need to start your day. A wholesome dish which spiked up my expectation a lot for upcoming dishes. Originating in Poland, Bagel found its way to the heart of Americans pretty quickly. Now that I already have had the chance to enjoy a good fulfilling bagel I was a happy camper for the day. The most important thing about a good Bagel is the texture and I must say this was on point. Topped with some sesame seeds, a sunny side egg, sauteed spinach and of course bacon.

Arbour Pune

Irish Corned Beef Benedict:
Juicy, succulent chunks of buff dipped in rich hollandaise sauce was by far the star of the day. The chunks were so well cooked that we could feel the fibrous texture of buff and the juices oozing out of it as we dug our teeth in it. The salad on the side was a refreshing and complemented the dish pretty well.

Arbour Pune 13

Full English Breakfast:
I am a sucker for English breakfast. ( Side note: If you have to impress me, make me a good English breakfast along with a nice French pressed coffee and you’re all set ) A typical English Breakfast on the plate filled with eggs, grilled chicken sausage, slow roast tomato, beans, mushrooms, bacon strips and toast. Apart from the tomatoes, everything shined through. Tomatoes were a little squishy and withing a lickety-split I put them out of my dish.

Arbour Pune 14

Green Glory Omelette:
If you are into healthy breakfast which is low on carbs and high on protien and fibre, this is for you. With all the green veggies you can imagine in a single dish I took a bite and moved away from it. Don’t get me wrong it was good but I am not a green-thing guy.

Arbour Pune 15

Spiced Salami and Oyster mushrooms, Eggs Benedict:
A thick version of hollandaise sauce poured over salami and mushrooms on flatbread. Served with a hash and salad on the side this was not up to the mark, as compared to other dishes.

Turkish Eggs:
A Turkish flatbread was topped with soft poached eggs, hung curd, chilli oil and aubergines. I would skip this one as I enjoyed the other dishes more than this one.

Meat Lover’s Skillet:
Grilled buff, bacon, bbq chicken, potato with wilted spinach, olives and roasted mushrooms. I liked most of the elements on this plate apart from the fresh mozzarella.

Arbour Pune 16

Caramel French Toast:
There has to be a dessert to end the hefty meal. We ended it with a sweet and spicy Caramel French Toast.

Arbour Pune 17

Overall an excellent option for brekkie in Kalyani Nagar. I would urge you to give it a try and start your morning with perfection

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I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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Posts 23
Posts 23

Arbour Pune

Cult Terra

Cult – A person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.

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Located right near Laxmi Lawns in Magarpatta this humungous place was on my list since a very long time and when Pomelo Social invited me for a tasting session I was pretty excited for the long-awaited visit.

Cult Location

As soon as I entered the front gate the question struck me, “If the parking is so spacious and so big how big the place would be?” Easily it can accommodate around a ton of cars and an equal number of bikes as well. Kudos to that.

First of all travelling all the way from Balewadi High Street I was tired and needed something refreshing to soothe my soul and quench the thirst so we started with the drinks

Drinks at Cult

  • Mint Mayhem: This was probably the best of the lot. A Blueberry infused whiskey-based drink was a perfect start.
  • Whiskey Shikanji: Another whiskey-based drink. Refreshing mojito styled drink with a punch to it. Although I wanted to like this drink a lot but the rock salt was somehow overpowering the taste. So much so that I had to add sweetener to it.
  • Green Parrot: A gin-based drink. Got to know that Gayatri Patil (Eat-Pray-Travel) is an avid gin lover and she approves this drink. For me, it was a tad bit on a sweeter not but then again I am nitpicking here.
  • Cult Owl: The best looking drink of the lot. Made with White Owl Spark. I think the Bar-Tender has made a superb concoction using one of the most loved beer around town. 

Food at Cult

From there we moved onto the food (the hero of the show)

  • Mirchi Peanut Gobhi: A very desi start to the dinner. This was mildly spicy. The crunch was on point and the masala made me hog onto this while I enjoyed my drink.  Tick Mark
Food  at Cult
Food at Cult
  • Morrels and Truffle Croquettes: The croquettes were golden brown and plated beautifully. Liked the texture
Food at Cult
Food at Cult
  • Greek Turner Salad: To be honest I am not a salad guy. I don’t like to order salads often but this was a pleasant surprise. Fresh, crunchy and perfect dressing. Finding grapes in the bowl was a welcome addition. A bit on the sweeter side but totally worth it.
Salad at Cult
Salad at Cult
  • Tandoori momos: A typical street side taste which I liked. Crisp on the outside and piping hot melt in mouth stuffing on the inside makes it a must-have starter.   
  • Rajma Chaval: When we ordered this I expected it to be the basic Delhi style rajma chawal, Don’t get me wrong I love comfort food but I was expecting a contemporary touch to it and I was not disappointed. My eyes lit up when I saw ‘Galauti Kebab‘ on the table. Although a veg version of the kebab, it was aromatic and made to perfection. Ghee played a major role in the preparation and was well received by us. prominent ghee taste. Deep-fried curry leaves added another dimension of texture and flavour to it.
Kebab at Cult
Kebab at Cult
  • Paan Ice Cream: Like all the Indian meals should end, we ended ours with a paan but in the ice cream format. This flavour is not unknown to me and was just as I expected. A delightful end to the happy meal at Cult.

DessertFinal say about Cult

Special mention to the huge setup with different sitting option and an inhouse club as well (goes by the name The Cult House). Overall I was more than happy with the experience and would definitely recommend you to go and visit cult at least once to experience the best Magarpatta has to offer.

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I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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Cult Terra
Cult Terra

The Cult Terra