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Northern Frontier Wakad

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Every foodie in Pune is aware of Northern Frontier Viman Nagar. But very few know about the Northern Frontier Wakad. Open rooftop setup in a high rise building in Wakad. It brings joy to the faces of many IT folks hunting for a distinct place to dine with family or enjoy a pint with friends and colleagues.

We started with something special and I would like to mention about it upfront. Kashmiri Kahwa was served as soon as we were seated. The blend of Cinnamon and saffron topped with sliced almonds was orgasmic. Winter evening was made special by this drink.

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Kahwa, Northern Frontier

Food at Northern Frontier

1) Nadru chips: Kashmiri locals call lotus stem Nadru. After eradication of Nadru due to floods, the farmers took great efforts to bring back the main ingredient into Kashmir. It’s also evident in many of the delicacies as this one. Crispy sticks of lotus stem with honey and chilli made this a good start.

Nadru Chips, Northern Frontier
Nadru Chips

2) Tabak Maaz: Lamb is heavily consumed and forms a large part of Kashmiri cuisine. This dish is enjoyed at the wedding and other major celebrations. Consisting of Persian spices, the ribs marinated overnight to allow the meat to soften and are then cooked until tender. A last-minute dip in the frying pan guarantee all the flavours are sealed in.

3) Murgh Kalmi: A delightful dish with perfect texture and aroma. Chicken marinated in a mix of yoghurt and ground spices and cooked in tandoor to perfection. I would highly recommend this dish.

4) Raan: Usually made from the two hinder legs of a goat was so tender and succulent that you could see the meat melting off the bone. A definite eye catcher as it is served on the table.

Raan at Northern Frontier

5) Hari mirch ka paneer tikka – Lack of marination made this a dull dish. Although flavorful on the outside the marination was absent on the core and paneer tasted bland.

Hari Mirch ka Paneer Tikka, Northern Frontier

6) Lemon Chilli Chicken: The play of flavours on your tongue is sublime. The hot and flavours of ginger-turmeric gravy and the tangy flavour of lemon kept my taste buds tantalized for the entire time.

7) Rogan Josh: Warm your dinner table with this hearty, meaty curry. Straight from a Kashmiri kitchen, here’s a rogan josh I would remember for a long long time. Meat stirred along with a host of spices and herbs, mixed with curd and pressure cooked till tender. A delicious dish to serve at dinner parties!

9) Yakhni Pulao: A famous Kashmiri dish. I am not a huge fan of pulao as I always prefer to go for biryani but this mutton yakhni pulao has absolutely blown away the concept of “only biryani for me”. Yakhni is the stock of the meat with few aromatic spices. The meat is boiled with the ingredients and is put into a pressure cooker along with the meat. Boil everything together until the meat was cooked to the right texture.

Desserts at Northers Frontier

1) Gulab Jamun: The crowd favourite served with some slices of almonds makes me happy anyday. The warm gulab jamuns made me sleepy and satisfied.

Northern Frontier Wakad 4

2) Phirni: Not a big fan of phirni. Also, this was set like Panna Cota and I did not like it.

Northern Frontier Wakad 5

If you are looking for a rooftop place and want to try delectable Kashmiri cuisine you cannot go wrong with this place. I would even go to the next level and say that this is the best place to enjoy Kashmiri delicacies. The staff is very prompt and service is a 10/10. As a result, I had a pleasing experience at Northern Frontier Wakad.

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