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Mineority By Saby: You need to read this immediately

Mineority By Saby Cover

Mineority by Saby is a miners’ theme based fine dine restaurant. Kalyani Nagar is home to many fine dining restaurants including this one. I had high hopes as I have heard a lot about the place from fellow bloggers. Saby is from Asansol, a coal excavator’s town next to the West Bengal-Bihar border. The mining society is an essential piece of his childhood, so he needed to pay tribute to the excavators. That is the whole motivation behind the theme. In the event that you see the facade; it delineates the whole story of the community.

According to Sabyasachi Gorai, “The present diners are mindful and need to think about the root of sustenance on their table. The menus of today are a sign of that. Furthermore, I would not like to baffle myself or them. So for my eatery, I intentionally go local. Sourcing nearby fixings from Kolkata (be it Gondhoraj lemons, local cheddar, jaggery or a specific assortment of bitter gourd). Utilizing clay cooking pots and utensils”.
That is evident from every dish that comes to our table. 
We started the night with a couple of drinks.

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Drinks at Mineority By Saby

My Yellow Canary: Like the canary bird, this yellow drink came in a cage. The combination of turmeric and lemon and white wine was cherish-able. Beautifully presented this gin-based cocktail was refreshing.

Mineority By Saby - My Yellow Canary
My Yellow Canary

Handmade: A tribal frothy beer made from rice and fermented in a handi. This had a contemporary touch to it with a hint of gin and ale paired with coconut cream. Although the concept is pretty nice the drink fails to impress my taste buds. 

Pomegranate Virgin Mojito: A beautiful touch to the classic mojito. Usually, a virgin mojito is a mixture of lime and carbonated drinks with mint leaves. This one is unique. Not high on sugar or the fizz, pomegranate adds another dimension to the taste. 

Food at Minority By Saby

Jhalmuri: Classic Bengali street food. Puffed rice, onion and green chillis, peanuts. It tastes good when paired with cocktails and mock-tails. If you’re a spice junkie, then you may add more green chillis as per your taste. Peanuts add a nice crunch to the popular bar bite. Try this famous Bengali snack and relish its spicy and tangy flavours. 

Mineority By Saby Jhalmuri

Latin Queso Fundido: A delicious mix of 3 popular cheese. Gouda, mozzarella and processed cheese, the fondue is always a personal favourite! What’s good, this fondue also has mushrooms which taste a lot better than a plain version. 

Mamus’ Chicken Cutlet: Perfect golden fried cutlet. Soft, juicy, boneless chicken chunks wrapped in flour and deep fried can delight people from all age group.

Mineority By Saby Mamus Chicken Cutlet
Mamus Chicken Cutlet

Litti Chokha and Ghugni: Another classic. I am a big big fan of Litti Chokha, but I was habitual of eating it with Spoon. Rutuja Gore the PR was pretty fascinated by the fact that she can show me how to eat it correctly by hand. It was the process which she learned from Saby directly. The taste was pretty decent and I would love to try it again.

Desserts at Minority By Saby

Tres Leches Cake: This Spanish cake felt a bit out of theme. Everything was going well according to the miners’ theme. With this dessert, I knew what to expect. The milk cake was flavourful, light and fluffy.

Mineority By Saby Tres Leches Cake
Tres Leches Cake

The Jurassic Cheesecake: Another out of place at Mineority. But excellent dessert. Soft on the inside but crispy flaky on the outside.

Miner’s Dark Devil Cake: This is the best of the lot you can order at Mineority. Mud cake layered with dark Chocolate which tasted heavenly delicious. Its perfectly balanced and was not too sweet and perfect for my taste. Recommended

Mineority By Saby Miner's Dark Devil Cake
Miner’s Dark Devil Cake

Although the place is quite unique when it comes to the decor, Few dishes need some tweaks and are not up to the mark. I walked in awestruck and left the Mineority By Saby muddled.

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I was invited for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same.The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved.

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