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Mead and Meat, the best combination there can be

Moonshine Meadery
A warm and cozy iconic place with a pint of mead and a hint of meat cooking aroma is heaven for me. When I got an invitation for the Christmas dinner at Mad House Grill, without a pinch of hesitation I said yes!!
Termed as the oldest alcohol known to mankind. Mead is fizzy, fermented honey. The crazy experiment lab set up by Nitin and Rohan near Pune, is known as Moonshine Meadery. The mix and match of flavor profiles and nuance of coming up with delectable mix are bound to make you praise the craft of making mead.
We were amongst the first ones to taste the Christmas special brews and they were as follows.
Mead Infographic

Apple Cider

 Did your eyes sparkle after reading the name? Mine too! I was very excited to whiff the aroma of cinnamon and tantalize my tongue by the flavors. To my surprise, the mead on the tap was overly cinnamony (if that’s even a word). The fizz and the temperature at which it was served made it impossible to taste the pie. Then Saneet, an intern at Moonshine meadery struck gold. He asked us to try the bottled version of the mead and hence we did. This was a pleasure to gulp down. The perfect hint of cinnamon and tinge of pie made this quickly crawl up the list of favorite meads.

Guava Chili

Another experimental mead. After trying guava chili ice creams and shakes this was a no brainer. I knew what to expect right away. Overpowering guava scent and zing of chili is what I had in my mind. Contrary to my expectation, the mead profile was pretty new to my palette. The base tones of the mead were refreshing and the fizz added an extra dimension to the already popular mix.


Best of the lot. The tartness of kokum and the hint of ginger was another hit for winter evenings. I ended up ordering this over and over again. The lasting sweetness on the back of the tongue and a hit of ginger was very soothing. Best paired with a spicy meat platter and you are in for an unforgettable meal.

PS: Ended it all with my all-time favorite coffee mead

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The oldest steak house in Pune has much more than just steaks to offer. My vegetarian friends love this place as much as I do. The sheer variety of dishes and the way they are plated is bound to make you admire this place.


There are two seating options, Al-fresco seating for the groups and an AC seating for the couples or for a family setup. We opted to sit outside and enjoyed the free flowing meads and the excellent food.


We stared our food journey with some hummus and pita starter.
Hummus always reminds me of the movie “You don’t mess with the Zohan“. We were doing all the crazy things around the table like Zohan. Clicking pictures, rolling waves of laughter and devouring the tasty food made us happy.
Then we moved to the veg and non-veg platters. The variety consisted of croquettes, garlic bread, salads, couple different types of chicken wings and some buff stuff. I think we were in a food coma after eating so much.
The stand out dish for me was the wasabi steak. Before trying wasabi at Mad House Grill, I always hated hot and spicy food. Wasabi has been nothing but a disappointment for me all this long.
But the wasabi steak changed my opinion. Let me explain. I am pretty sure that Mad House Grill makes the best steak around town hands down. But wasabi was something I tried to avoid as much as possible.
But persuasion from Smruti and Saneet, and I tried it. It was like an explosion inside my mouth which I could feel along my nasal cavity too. Although I wished to stop eating it, I couldn’t. That is the type of food I would love to eat every time. The pungent taste of wasabi complemented the soft succulent steak to perfection. To give your tongue a relief it is served with potato mash. I had not experienced the burst of flavors at this intensity ever.
Ended the meal with a firm, wobbly caramel custard, and a dense, gooey brownie. Not over sweet but flavorful. Such a calming end to a tornado-like meal.


Pairing two of the iconic institutions together was a highly congenial delight. Both won my heart and definitely enchanted my taste buds.

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