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Flavours Boulevard Baner

Flavours Boulevard Baner

बाबा रणछोड़ दास सही कहते थे…बच्चा काबिल बनो काबिल..कामयाबी तो साली झक मार के पीछे आयेगी – Flavours Boulevard philosophy

Taking the 3 Idiots quote to a whole new level, The Owner of Flavours Boulevard, Baner is soaring new heights with the new cafe opened in Baner. Starting with a small ‘Thela‘ in Koregaon Park now they have a full fledged setup right opposite Green Park in Baner. Hard work pays off well is what I learned from the humble owner of the well known franchise.

The 3 Storeyed setup offers

  • Open air sating on the ground floor
  • Air Conditioned closed setup on the first floor
  • My favourite rooftop setup with a pastel colors and city skyline setting the mood for the evening.

Indian Touch to a variety of dishes at Flavours Boulevard

Pizza – Indianized version of the Italian delicacy

Order any pizza: I am sure you won’t be disappointed here. Loaded with toppings and baked to absolute perfection. We Ordered Grilled Herb Veg Pizza and the Spicy Vegetable Ranch Pizza. Apart from the way toppings are sliced and diced both were pretty similar. Loaded with toppings on a thin crust these were absolutely the best Indian version of the dish. The thin crust made it not to heavy and the generous amount of red, green and yellow capsicum along with cheese made it delectable.

Big Nachos – Bigger, Bolder version of Loaded Nachos

You must have heard of Loaded Nachos this is the bigger bolder brother of the dish. Prepared entirely in-house this dish is my absolute favourite when it comes to Nachos prepared with an Indian touch. Everything prepared in-house these big loaded nachos are my personal favourite. The crunchy texture of Nachos was retained even though we spent a generous amount of time clicking this beauty. The beans and the creamy cheese sauce compliments the big crunch of the Nachos.

Flavours Boulevard Big Nachos
Flavours Boulevard Big Nachos

Pasta – For this Pink Pasta I don’t mind travelling till Baner

One more Indianized dish. The Pink Sauce Penne Pasta was served with Garlic bread on the sides. Loved the way the chef plays with the flavour and adds a different texture to the regular gooey sauce. If you want the authentic Pasta then you should look somewhere else. But if you’re a fan of Indian flavours, you must try this.

Pink Sauce Pasta
Flavours Boulevard Pink Sauce Pasta

Maggie – Steer clear of it

Now, this was a bummer. A Chef who can turn foreign delicacies to suit the Indian palate failed to impress with the 2-minute favourite dish loved by Indians across the globe. The attempt here was to prepare Maggie in butter and add a generous amount of cheese on top of it. Although the Cheese and Butter taste did not play well together we suggested to skip the Cheese and give us plain Maggie. Now that the Maggie was palatable I would still not like my Maggie to be prepared in Butter as it kills the flavour of the masala we all love.

Flavours Boulevard Maggie

Sandwiches – The USP of Flavours Boulevard

Do I even need to write about it? This place is legendary when it comes to the sandwich! We tried Pahadi Cheese Grill Toast which was loaded with fillings and covered in a mountain of cheese. Do not miss the Chocolate Sandwich here if you crave for something sweet.

Flavours Boulevard Sandwich

End it on a happy note at Flavours Boulevard

Flavours Boulevard has launched Mango Blast for the summers and I must say it is at par with some of the very best Mango Shakes around the city. ALong with Mango Blast, one more thing you should try is the Jamun Shots. Gained a lot of popularity amongst the youth of the city this small shot


I was invited to a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at flavours boulevard. These are my views that I have expressed. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is not personally or commercially influenced. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarised it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.  All rights reserved. 

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