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A brief description of Me and Pune Food Blog

In a nutshell, I’m somebody with a keen interest in food and technology who likes to eat, travel and click pictures as I go. I learnt how to cherish food from my mom. She used to make magic from the refrigerator for our family consistently. Starting Pune Food Blog was just a cheerful mishap. I am somebody who has constantly cherished food. I worked in the Software space for a long time. I went to an engineering school. 


Places I’ve been to and places I love.

I have been lucky to travel a lot, and the majority of my best memories of those outings spin around food. To me, it is the best window into another culture. I had Chole-Kulche at 4 am in Delhi at Lotan Chole Kulche Wala, ate Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake) as I strolled through boulevards of Budapest, and breathed in street food all over Southeast Asia that most likely ought to have killed me. I could go through each day of my life at Baner Hill in Pune, Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, or Königssee lake in Bavaria. Plant me on a culinary experience, and I’m a glad camper.

Why I started this blog

The real reason

In May of 2016, I began Pune Food Blog. I figured out how to make content that I am glad for and proud of, and to me, that was worth in excess of a conventional monthly paycheck. As time passed I realized how much I love writing about food and even more clicking it. This has been an energizing adventure into food and photography, yet the best blessing has been the people I’ve been able to meet and share this with along the way. Drop me a line, say hi, ask me whatever. Much thanks to you for stopping by and sharing what I cherish with me!

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